Monday, April 7, 2014

More food in Abidjan...

Abidjan has decent sushi.  Who knew?  Kaiten is pretty amazing and since they understand that not every Ivorian is down for raw fish, they even serve hot food (like pasta) to placate the anti-raw among us. All in all, it's expensive and service is slow.  But it was GOOD.


We also hit a place called Les délices de Suzanne.  This was a tea room kind of place that was lots of fun, laid back and very quiet.  It's best known for its incredible chocolate, but since we didn't have any, I can't really speak to its quality.  The brunch was excellent, though...


I was craving Chinese food, so I figured I'd head over to the Wasabi Retaurant in Zone 4.  It had CCTV blasting from a large screen and a couple Chinese people eating, so I figured it couldn't be too bad. Well, it was pretty bad.  I didn't die.  But it was bad. 

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  1. I never had any good feedback about Wasabi. Most def a place to avoid :D Akwaba to Abidjan and thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll.
    Afrofoodie xxxx


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