Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't move to Abidjan without these 10 things...

10 Things you should bring with you to Abidjan:
  1. Tupperwares, and all sorts of cookware.  Remember that air
  2. Wellies, and lightweight rain ponchos
  3. Antibiotics and vitamines: I paid 20 USD for an 8 day course of Amoxicilin.  I would have paid a fraction of that in Europe.  Vitamine C costs a FORTUNE here.
  4. Contact lenses and contact lens solution. I just paid 22 dollars for contact lens solution.
  5. Your Mattress: I got the foam mattress from Ikea in Paris, and it set me back 50 euros. Mattresses in Abidjan are expensive
  6.  Sheets and towels
  7. Kids toys -- Children's toys, especially electronic ones, can be very expensive
  8. Children's books in English:  Think ahead and bring them with you
  9. Curtains, unless you want to settle for crappy expensive ones, or have some made...
  10. Carpets, if you like proper floor coverings, bring your own...
Bonus points for bringing back-up power cords for your laptops, adaptors, and whatever, music speaker system you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for in Abidjan...

Tune in tomorrow for my list of things that I could have left at home...


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