Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekend getaways: Grand Bassam

I've got lots of great news: I figured out a way to get my pictures uploaded (despite having lost my cable) and it's Friday!!!  I can't wait for the weekend to be here! As promised, I am sharing last weekend's pictures when we went to Bassan and had an amazing time.
Grand Bassam, or Bassam as most people here seem to call it, is a beach town located about an hour outside of Abidjan.  Bassam has some lovely colonial architecture, which was built by the French who had made the city their first colonial capital.  
I rode out for the afternoon with a couple of friends and had a blast.

 Bassam is a popular weekend spot for many expats. 
 The food was really good!

Vendors flock to the areas popular with expats to peddle their goods.  A rope barrier is designed to keep them from crowding the people trying to enjoy the beach. 
The resort has a pool, which is really practical for people with children.  The waters can be choppy and dangerous, so many kids swam in the pool, instead of in the sea. 

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  1. Bassam looks really nice, thanks for sharing the picts! Any other weekend getaways for a daily trip?


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