Sunday, February 23, 2014

Food is expensive here -- my grocery shopping round up

I went to the supermarket for the first time yesterday where I experienced my first case of sticker shock.  Eating imported foods is expensive, and I don't eat many of the local foods which puts me in a bad place.  I also don't have a car, which means I can only shop in places that are relatively close to my house.  I ended up going to Hayat, a butcher down the street from my house and a Coq'ivoire

1st stop: Hayat (in the Cap Sud shopping complex) 
Amount spent: 32 000 francs for 30 items. 
  • The upside: Don Simon Sangria for 1100 francs. Finding muesli.   
  • The downside: How expensive meats and produce were in the supermarket.
I have been told to go to markets for fresh fruit, but I am not sure where my local market is. 

2nd stop: le terroir (butcher's shop on rue du canal)
I walked by this place and everything looked amazing.  I ended up getting two lamb chops for 1 190 francs and 12 chipolatas for 2 313. 

3rd stop: Coq'Ivoire (poultry shop). I got 1 kg of chicken thighs for for 2950. 

4th stop: Street vendor I  bought 4 tomatoes on the side of the road for 200 francs, but they were looking kind of old.

Bottom line: I spent a grand total of 39 000 francs to stock up my fridge for this week.  I'm a single person, so that's a lot.  But I did end up buying poultry, meat, lentils, couscous, pasta, olive oil and some canned goods for that money.  Finding Don Simon didn't hurt either. I'm starting to learn that I shouldn't expect to save money on food here (unless I start eating a lot more local foods).  If I don't, my food costs will work out to the same amount of money I would spend if I were living in France, or any major US city. 


  1. Thank you. It would have been nice to have the expenses in euro or dollar equivalent.

  2. Well to get to USD you multiply by 2 and strike three zeros. So 5000 francs is 10 USD. Hope this helps


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